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Meet the man inside the Mazda 767B

The Mazda 767B sportscar proved to be a hit at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in 2024, with car owner and driver Senji Hoshino bringing the car to the event from Japan.

Hoshino purchased one of the three 767Bs built by Mazdaspeed and maintains and runs the car at various events, giving fans the chance to see and hear the iconic sportscar prototype powered by a quad-rotor 2.6-litre rotary engine, producing 630 horsepower at 9000RPM.

The Mazda 767B is returning to the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in 2025, with the event set to take place on March 8 to 9.

Attendees at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival had the chance to get to know Hoshino in his appearance in the Grand Marquee alongside host Charlie Barlow and translator Daniel Bruce Farrand.

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