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Stefan Johansson and 1985 Ferraris returning to Adelaide

The two Scuderia Ferrari 156/85s that raced in the 1985 Formula 1 season and first Adelaide Grand Prix and former driver Stefan Johansson will return to the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in 2023.

The Scuderia Ferrari 156/85 was driven by Michele Alboreto, René Arnoux and Johansson over the course of 1985, including at the first Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide, winning the Canadian Grand Prix and German Grand Prix in the hands of Alboreto. Both Alboreto and Ferrari finished runners-up in the drivers' and teams' championships.

Designed by renowned Formula 1 engineers Mauro Forghieri and Harvey Postlethwaite, the Ferrari 156/85 is powered by a V6 turbo engine producing around 750BHP at 11,000RPM.

Johansson drove for Ferrari in 1985 and 1986 before moving to McLaren in 1987. He will return to the driver's seat of the #28 Ferrari he raced over the course of the 1985 season, his first full-time season in Formula 1, at the 2023 Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

The Ferrari 156/85s join a growing list of Formula 1 cars at the event that includes fellow Adelaide Grand Prix-era cars such as a pair of 1989 Brabham BT58s, as driven by Martin Brundle and Stefano Modena, and a 1988 Arrows A10B Megatron, as driven by Eddie Cheever.


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