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Leyton House double act at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival

The iconic colours of Leyton House will be represented at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival with a Leyton House CG891 Judd in the Formula 1 category and a Leyton House Porsche 962C in the Invitational category at the event on March 16 and 17. 

The Adrian Newey-designed CG891 has been a regular at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival. Ivan Capelli and Maurício Gugelmin drove the CG891 over the course of the 1989 Formula 1 season, with Gugelmin finishing just outside the points in seventh place at the season-ending Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide, while Capelli drove the CG891 at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival on a number of occasions. 

The CG891 is powered by a Judd EV 3.5-litre V8 engine, producing 625 horsepower at 11,500RPM, featuring the slimline aerodynamic concept that became a feature of Newey’s championship-winning cars. 

The CG891 joins other Adelaide Grand Prix-era cars at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival, including the 1990 race-winning Benetton B190 Ford and 1993 Benetton B193B Ford with more Formula 1 cars being announced soon. 

The Kremer Racing Porsche 962C raced at the Le Mans 24 Hours and various other sportscar events in the Leyton House livery in the latter half of the 1980s. The Porsche 962C was the dominant car of the Group C era of sportscar racing, helping the German manufacturer win seven Le Mans 24 Hours races in a row between 1981 and 1987. 

The Porsche 962C features an aluminium monocoque with a Porsche Type 935 KKK three-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder engine producing 750 horsepower.

The Porsche 962C will feature alongside the likes of the Mazda 767B sportscar in the Invitational category at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Leyton House was a Japanese real estate company that made a big splash in motorsport in the late 1980s. Leyton House started an association with Capelli in Formula 3000 in 1986. They stepped up into Formula 1 together in 1987 with Leyton House taking over the March team and running it until the end of 1991. 

Categories featuring Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Group C and A touring cars, sportscars, IndyCars and more will again feature over the course of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival, with more news on categories, star cars and drivers and on and off-track activations coming soon.

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