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Brabham BT58 F1 cars back for the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Two 1989 Brabham BT58 Judd V8s will be back on track in the Formula 1 category at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival on March 16 and 17. 

The 1989 Brabham BT58s were driven by Martin Brundle and Stefano Modena during the 1989 Formula 1 season, with Modena scoring Brabham's last-ever podium finish at the 1989 Monaco Grand Prix. 


The BT58s join other Adelaide Grand Prix-era cars at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival, including the 1990 race-winning Benetton B190 Ford, Michael Schumacher’s 1993 Benetton B193B Ford, the Adrian Newey-designed 1989 Leyton House CG891 Judd and more. 

The Brabham presence at the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival includes the Adelaide-built Brabham BT62 high-performance sportscar, which will be driven by Finnish Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas in the Invitational category on Sunday 17 March.

Held the week prior to the Australian Grand Prix, the Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival is a museum in motion, displaying historic, rare and significant racing vehicles on the Victoria Park section of the Adelaide Street Circuit. 

Categories featuring Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Group C and A touring cars, sportscars and more will feature over the course of the Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival, in addition to on-track demonstrations, off-track displays, villas and more. 

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets to the 2024 Repco Adelaide Motorsport Festival.


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