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Artura joins McLaren 60th anniversary celebrations

McLaren’s next-generation hybrid supercar, the Artura, will be part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the manufacturer at the 2023 Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

The Artura will be on display and take part of in on-track demonstrations, including in the McLaren category. Supercars driver Todd Hazelwood will get behind the wheel of the Artura, driving alongside other McLaren models.

The Artura features the first twin-turbo V6 ever seen in a McLaren, and is paired with an electric powertrain to form a plug-in hybrid. Combined, the total power output is 671bhp, capable of sending the Artura from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds before stretching all the way to a 330km/h top speed.

Also confirmed for the McLaren 60th anniversary celebrations is a McLaren M8E CanAm car, which will be part of the Invitational category.

CLICK HERE for more on the M8E.


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