December 7th - 10th 2017


General Enquiries

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The Sporting Car Club of S.A are the organisers of the Adelaide Motorsport Festival

Commercial Partnerships & Media
(TV- Radio and Print)

Tim Possingham
0417 171 730

Television Program Credits

Sprint Entries & Infrastructure

Deborah Briggs
08 8373 4899 

General Volunteers

Evangeline McAllan
08 8373 4899 

Rally Event Enquiries & Volunteers

Ivar Stanelis

Rally Category Queries and Entry Enquiries

Tim Possingham

Motorsport Manager and Media Accreditation

Liam Meegan
08 8373 4899

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132,856 HP Entrant vehicles combined estimated hp
43.28 sec Victoria Park sprint lap record
627 cars Took part in the 2016 event
3 million Price of the most expensive car attending in 2017